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If you are a customer, please scroll to the bottom for contact information.
If you are an aspiring composer, read on.

Do you accept unsolicited material?

No, Three Candles Music does not currently accept unsolicited submissions. All materials received by TCM without prior written permission will not be seen.  Materials will not be returned upon request.

It would be nice to hold a contest some day, though...

Why do you have such a strict submissions policy?

We wish we could review everything we see, but we simply do not have the time to give a fair assessment to every submission that comes to us.  We love reading new music, but we get more than we can chew on.

So, then how do I get published by you?

There are three ways, basically, that we may choose to review someone’s material, in this order:

1. Referral.  Often, people who we trust (our composers, musician friends, business partners, mothers-in-law) give us the heads-up on a piece or a composer that they believe has promise.  Sometimes these people who we trust ask us if they may submit a piece to us.

2. Get found. Every now and then one of us may attend a concert where new music is played and realize that something is very good. In this case, we will approach the composer. This happens more often than you might think.

3. Friendship.  This is nearly impossible for you to accomplish on your own.  You need to be a rather close friend, and we are talking about Facebook-friend close...  and we don’t accept friends on social media who we don't know. Still, if you are a friend of one of us, send us a message.

Can you give me some advice on how to get published?

Sure.  First, understand that you will help your cause by conducting yourself in a manner so that you can avoid getting blacklisted.  The harder you try to “break in”, the further you may push away a potential publisher of your music. If you keep sending material to a publisher when they don’t ask for it, they probably will never publish you, even if what you bring is the best thing since baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Aaron Copland.  Don’t send email or call them up to pitch your work, unless the publisher specifically asks you to do so.  Generally, those methods of contact are for the customers.  Having said that, a few publishers do openly solicit for new materials under certain guidelines.

Perhaps another way of saying it is to not throw yourself at the feet of a publisher, but let yourself be found. Networking is a scary word, yet it essential for success as an aspiring composer.  It very easy to do and quite effective.  (That’s how you get through by #1 above, by the way.) 

Composers, we wish you the best of luck in your pursuit to have your music published.  Do not give up, and above all, keep on writing!

Contact Information for Customers:
1802 Cassville Mount Morris Road
Morgantown, WV 26501